The Color Me Butterfly Journal Series

courage_final_strt.jpgWith its unique and stylish design, and a collection of themes that are sure to inspire and impel, the Color Me Butterfly journal series is designed to guide women in self discovery and empower them to find more meaning, purpose and joy in their life through the art of journaling.  Whether at a place in her life that requires Courage, Hope, Love or Reflection, these journals enable women to find their voices, reach new heights and enhance their lives. 

Chock full of inspirational quotes, an elastic pen holder, a satin bookmark ribbon and a keepsake pocket, this celebration of four beautifully sculpted themed journals offers motivation and inspiration and a way for women to capture their most provoking thoughts.

Choose from one of the following themes and order your journal now:

Reflection is a healthy and productive way to naturally encourage growth and development. It serves as the bridge to gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, your goals, and your life. It enhances learning and inspires provocative thought and self-clarity. Above all, it can propel you to action. Order your Reflection Journal now!
Hope is a desire we hold for something to happen, while expecting or feeling confident that it will come true. It implies a certain amount of perseverance. Using life lessons and finding a way to express ourselves help us move toward hope.
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There is one common element we all search for throughout our lives, that we all want more of than anything else: Unconditional Love.  When you embrace and love yourself first, it heals you from the inside out. You are able to extend love unconditionally.
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Courage is the state or quality of mind and spirit that enables us to face danger, fear, or change with self-possession, confidence, and resolution—bravery. Using life lessons and finding a way to express ourselves help us move toward courage.
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