About L.Y. Marlow

lymarlow.jpgL.Y. Marlow is the third generation of her family to have been a victim and survivor of domestic violence: a violence that almost took her own life and the life of her unborn child. In her award-winning Color Me Butterfly, she tells the poignant and evocative story of four generations of mothers and daughters: the true story of her grandmother, her mother, herself, and her daughter; and the toll intergenerational domestic violence and abuse has had on her family for over sixty years. 

But the story does not end there. In the fall 2007, Ms. Marlow discovered that her 22 year old daughter was trapped in an abusive relationship--one in which the abuser not only tried to kill her daughter twice, but threatened the life of their baby girl named Promise. When the system failed to protect Ms. Marlow's daughter and granddaughter, she decided to turn her pain into a Promise for Change. She founded the Saving Promise Campaign, a national grassroots domestic violence movement to finally put Domestic Violence Awareness on the map in the same way Breast Cancer Awareness has been made a national priority.

Realizing the challenges that lay ahead, Ms. Marlow plans to engage and cultivate the support of America—from domestic violence agencies, public, private and corporate entities, faith-based institutions, communities and individuals to join the Promise for Change. It is through her determination, vision and passion that she plans to raise the bar for Domestic Violence Awareness by enlisting the support of all—from survivors to advocates, to corporate executives to social leaders to join arm and arm with her on her journey to end domestic violence.

From a lifetime of achievements, including 20+ years in Corporate America, an award-winning author, domestic violence advocate, women’s advocate and keynote speaker, what has been most inspiring is her story and timely message to raise the bar and lobby for change. Having been a voice for change appearing on local and national television and radio and featured in various magazines, L.Y. Marlow hopes that her life will be a testament and inspiration to the struggles of all women whose story shares the same face.